Wondering what happened to our previous products with non 925 sterling silver? Well, here’s the good news. The classic series is back with a bang and it is better than before. We have remade them with higher quality gemstones. These gemstones are cleaner richer in colour and will look terrific on you. For a very affordable price you get to enjoy good quality bracelets with great colours.

We want to give our customers products that not only provide healing properties but also look pretty on your hands and enhances your appearance. These great quality gems will also look even more charming with 925 Sterling Silver charms and pendants as they are a lot brighter and shinier and comes in a wide variety of extremely beautiful designs. And to put the icing on the cake all these products are packaged in a beautiful jewellery box. So do visit our website and browse through both our Classic and 925 Sterling Silver collections and pick up something that calls out to you.

You never know it’s probably the gem that you need ;-)

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