How to order your customized bracelets?

Unime has offered customizing gemstone bracelets according to your preference.

Please choose your gemstone beads here.

Customize gemstone bracelets at Unime

Example, you choose this gemstone beads for your customized bracelet. The price is the price per piece.

Customize Gemstone braclet at Unime

After that, you must carefully choose the size of your gemstone beads.

You then will measure your wrist size like this:

Customize your gemstone bracelet at Unime

For example, my wrist size is 170mm.

Because all of our customized bracelet includes only stretch cord (1mm thick), so you should measure the size of your wrist that makes you feel comfortable with.

Now I choose this gemstone beads with the size 12mm.

So Total number of gemstone beads I may need is : 170 / 12 = 14.1 beads ~~ 14 beads.

So I will add to the shopping cart this gemstone beads, with quantity is 14.

 After that , when you decide that you finish selecting your beads, you can click View Cart.

Customize your gemstone bracelet at Unime

Then you click View Cart.

Customize your gemstone bracelet at Unime

You can add your notes to us here. You can type such as:

I want 3 XX beads, then 2 YY beads... , the way that you want your handmade gemstone bracelet can be done.

After that we will contact you shortly via WhatsApp, or Email, displaying all designs that we can think of according to your choice, until you find it satisfying.

I hope you will like our customized services. In case that you find we don't have your wished gemstone beads, let me know by contacting us at Facebook or at

We will update to your shortly. Feel free to chat with us.